WA's Premier Circus School 

The Circus Centre is Western Australia's largest Aerial and Circus Arts a Training Facility and Performance Centre for aerial, acrobatics and circus arts. We offer a program of children's and adults aerial, acrobatic and circus skill development classes and training as well as industry-leading workshops for our students and the community. We also provide circus birthday parties, school holiday programs, as well as workshops and performances for events. 

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The Circus Centre Full View
Circus Centre Aerial Tripod
The Circus Centre Team Building
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We allow casual bookings for classes. Follow these steps to make sure you are properly booked in.

1.   You have to have an account with us through the customer portal, to get there just click the "customer portal" button.

2.   Once you're logged in you can go into the Pro-shop and find a pass that fits you best. If it's your first time trying a class you can buy a trial pass, if you've come to the class before our other passes are available. The more passes you buy at once the more you save!

3.   When you've found a class you like and a time you're free you can book in and redeem your pass by going onto your account. At the bottom of your student section there should be a little red multi-pointed star, this is where all of your passes are kept.

4.   In this section you can now choose the date of your class and then the specific class. Once the class is selected click punch in and you'll be on the roll and ready to go.

We do ask that you can punch in before your class time.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us vie the "contact us" page.