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Term 3 Bibra Lake

**Soaring to New Heights: Unveiling Our New Space for Term 3!**

*Welcome to an exciting new chapter at our Circus and Aerial training in the Circus Centre! Term 3 has taken off with a burst of energy as we settle into our brand new premises nestled in the vibrant Bibra Lake. With meticulous roof engineering reports and top-notch rigging, we are thrilled to present a revamped and all encompassing space that has allowed us to take our aerial adventures to more astounding flights.*

**Aerial Equipment Galore: Unleashing Creativity in the Air**

One of the highlights of our new space is the diverse array of aerial equipment that adorns our studio. In addition to the aerial silks, trapeze and lyra that have always been an integral part of our curriculum, we have now introduced thrilling additions such as hammocks, rope, and spinning dance trapeze. These new additions have been met with enthusiasm from our students, allowing them to explore various aerial disciplines and discover their own unique styles. The possibilities are boundless, and we cannot wait to witness the creativity and grace that will unfold within our studio walls.

**Focused on the Future: Nurturing Young Talent**

At The Circus Centre, we believe in investing in the future of Circus and Aerial arts. With this in mind, we have streamlined and expanded our class offerings with a specific emphasis on developing young talent. Our daily schedule now boasts 3 to 4 youth classes catering to ages 5 to teens. We aim to provide a safe, supportive, and fun environment where young aerialists can grow their skills and confidence. From foundational techniques to more advanced maneuvers, our youth classes cater to all skill levels, ensuring every aspiring aerialist finds their wings and soars with grace.

**Specialized Classes: Unleashing Your Potential**

In our dedication to tailoring our classes to suit individual preferences and ambitions, we have introduced specialized sessions that cater to particular interests. For those who wish to focus solely on the mesmerizing art of aerials or aerial silk and hammocks, we now offer dedicated "Aerial Only" and "Silk Only" classes. These classes provide a concentrated learning experience for young students to master the intricacies of their chosen apparatus.

We understand that aerial arts encompass a broad range of skills beyond aerial work itself. To cater to the acrobatic enthusiasts among us, we proudly present our new "Acro Flips" class. Here, students can dive into the world of flips, tricks, and dynamic tumbling movements, honing their agility and flexibility.

**Soaring Demand: Expanding Teen Classes and Performance Streams**

Our teen classes have garnered immense popularity, with almost every slot filled to capacity. In response to this overwhelming demand, we are thrilled to announce our plans to add more teen classes to the schedule. These classes will accommodate varying skill levels, ensuring that every teen aerialist has the opportunity to develop their talents and shine.

Moreover, in recognition of the passion and dedication displayed by our advanced students, we are launching a tailored performance stream. This stream will allow passionate performers to delve deeper into the art of circus and aerial arts, honing their skills for public showcases and possibly even competitions. We can't wait to witness the awe-inspiring performances that will unfold as our students take center stage.

**Embrace the Adventure: Join Us for Term 3!**

As we embark on this exhilarating journey in our new space, we extend an open invitation to all aerial enthusiasts and aspiring artists out there. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aerialist, a young talent or a seasoned performer, our doors are open to you. Term 3 promises to be a time of growth, creativity, and community as we come together to explore the magical world of circus and aerial arts.

Come join us and soar to new heights in Term 3! Embrace the adventure, challenge your limits, and let your imagination take flight. Together, we will reach for the skies and create unforgettable moments suspended in the air.

*For enrollment details, class schedules, and more information, visit our website link below or drop by our new premises in Bibra Lake. Let's make Term 3 a soaring success!*

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