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TERM 1, 2024

14/16 Sustainable Ave Bibra Lake

Our growing school offers a unique well equipped aerial training studio in WA, catering specifically to children and youth. With our specialized circus and aerial curriculum customized for youth classes, we aim to create an extraordinary experience for our students. Our classes range from beginner to advanced level students with 6 Aerial silks, 3 aerial hammocks, 2 spinning rope, 3 Trapezes and Lyra as well as airtrack, 2x tightwires and many other circus training equipement. 

Benifits of Circus training

Exploring the various aspects of circus arts can be incredibly fun and rewarding for students. Let's break down the different areas of focus:

1. Circus Object Manipulation: This aspect involves learning skills such as juggling, spinning plates, diabolo, poi, and other object manipulation techniques. Students will develop hand-eye coordination, rhythm, timing, and dexterity while mastering these skills.

2. Balance: This area of circus arts focuses on developing balance and stability. Students will have the opportunity to learn activities like tight-wire walking, stilt walking, and handstand work using canes. These activities help improve core strength, body awareness, and concentration.

3. Acrobatics: Acrobatics in circus arts involve a wide range of movements, including tumbling, somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, and more. Students will learn individual acrobatic skills as well as group and partner work, which emphasizes trust, coordination, and teamwork. Conditioning and strength training are also important components of acrobatic training.

4. Aerials: Aerial arts involve performing on various suspended apparatuses like silk fabric (also known as aerial silks or tissue), trapeze, Lyra (aerial hoop), and rope. Students will learn techniques to climb, wrap, drop, spin, and create beautiful poses and sequences while suspended in the air. Aerials develop strength, flexibility, body awareness, and artistic expression.

By exploring these different aspects of circus arts, students will engage in a wide range of physical movements, challenge themselves, and experience new risks. They will also develop skills such as coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, creativity, discipline, and self-confidence. It's a fun and vibrant class that offers a unique and exciting way for students to express themselves and explore their physical potential.

DOWNload time-table

If you would like to enroll for the term click here, find your class & follow the prompts to book.


For bookings, follow the following steps:

1.   Please create an account with us through the customer portal, to get there just click the HERE.

2.   Once have created your account and you're logged in you can enroll for a class.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us vie the "contact us" page.

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