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Birthday parties


Need a fresh idea for your kids birthday party?

How about a circus party! 

Give your child and his or her friends the gift of Inspiration and achievement. Their excitement will be overflowing when they learn real Circus and exciting Aerial Skills to be proud of.  We will have them up on the trapeze, Aerial silk, tight-wire, Spinning Lyra and even learn how to juggle in a safe, fun, age-appropriate birthday workshop.

Let us plan the program so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment. We'll help you make this a birthday party your child will remember for years to come.

A circus birthday party encourages children to get active, play together, learn new skills they can be proud of, and most importantly – have a great time in a safe,  exciting and healthy environment.  

Celebrating a summer birthday party? Book your child a circus birthday party at the Circus Centre. We have  WA's largest circus and aerial arts training venue and we will throw your child a birthday party to remember!



To book a party you'll need to create an account with us through the customer portal. This can be accessed through the Birthday Party Bookings button or the customer portal button on our home page.

Our trainers will ensure that your child's birthday party is designed to be fun, inclusive, age-appropriate, and safe! Each party will begin with fun warm-ups and group games. Then the children will learn various circus skills, which include a variety of the following circus activities:


  • Acrobatics - Kids love acrobatics! Circus Acro is the best! - We will have them tumbling through hoops, performing acro-balances with their friends - from little ones to the older gymnasts and dancers! 

  • Trapeze - They will learn some of the basics of trapeze and "wow" their friends!

  • Aerial silk - We will have them creating those beautiful shapes and discovering silks!

  • Lyra - for the older 7 above they will be spinning and rocking the Lyra!

  • Manipulation (juggling, hula hoops, rings, poi, flower trick sticks, diabolo, and plate spinning - they will learn some really cool tricks!

  • Tight-wire - this is the real Ninja stuff testing their balance on a real tight-wire!


Towards the end of the workshop, we will arrange a fun photo opportunity for you to take a group picture of all the fun.  The children will then have 30 minutes for an after-party in the party room!


Our Facility

The Circus Centre is located at 14/16 Sustainable Ave, Bibra Lake. Free parking is available. 


You will also have access to our kitchen, which includes a fridge, freezer, microwave, and a hot water urn for tea/coffee.  The party room is already equipped with tables, tablecloths, and chairs. 


The Circus Centre does not provide cake or catering.



The cost of birthday parties is determined by the number of participants. The prices are outlined below and now reflect GST included.


01-10 participants | $415.00

11-15 participants | $495.00

16-20 participants | $595.00


Dates and Times

Birthday parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays during the following time slots:








In courtesy of the families proceeding and following you, please respect the schedule listed above and arrive and leave on time. We cannot allow guests to enter until the proceeding party's booking time is complete.


The 2-hour and 45minute time slot includes 15-minutes for family and guests to arrive and set up, a 90-minute circus workshop, a 30-minute after-party, and 30-minutes for clean-up and Goodbyes!


We do not currently charge a cleaning fee for birthday parties. In return, we ask that you leave the space as tidy as when you found it for the next family. Please wipe down the tables and chairs, then vacuum in and around the tables, put all garbage in the bins provided, and wash any dishes you have used. Table clothes and a vacuum will be provided.


Please note, that dates and times are subject to availability. Birthday Party requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to confirm your booking. Please note, that final payment is required 7 days prior to the party date. 

If you are looking to book a party within a fortnight of the date you want you will need to get in touch with us, as the system won't allow any bookings without that amount of notice. Thank you for understanding.


Payment Information


Payment is completed through the Customer Portal.

If you are having any trouble feel free to contact us.


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