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Terms and Conditions

Liability and media wavier

I indemnify and release The Circus Centre and their trainers, coaches, directors against all costs incurred, expenses and all liabilities whatsoever arising as a result of the Participants actions or trainer instructions during all activities undertaken within The Circus Centres activity that may arise.

I understand that the participant must follow safety instructions and guidelines for using equipment as The Circus Centre does not accept liability for personal injury. I understand that The Circus Centre strives to ensure that a high level of safety is maintained at all times.

I understand that the participant voluntary participates in any activities undertaken with The Circus Centre. I authorise The Circus Centre to seek appropriate medical attention in the event that the participant is injured.

I understand that the classes may be photographed/videoed by The Circus Centre,  for training, assessment, archival and/or marketing purposes.

I agree to indemnify and release The Circus Centre and their trainers, coaches and directors from the date of my participation forward.

Class make ups and missed classes

We allow for up to 2 missed classes during the term.

Please contact the office if you are not able to attend the class for any reason before the class - Makeup Classes need to be with in the same term.

Changing class - it is possible to move up or change classes during the term if places are available. Please contact the office.

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