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July Holiday program now at Bibra Lake

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

New Address -14/16 Sustainable Ave, Bibra Lake

July Holiday programs now open for bookings - with 2 programs running daily

from Monday the 3rd of July to Friday the 14th of July.

Circus workshop Holiday program - 10 am to 12 pm each morning for ages 5 to 7 years and 8 to teens.

Afternoon circus Aerial Intensives daily - 1 pm to 230 pm ages 9 to teens

Places are capped - so don't miss out!

July Holiday program click here

We have now reopened in Bibra Lake!

It's quite remarkable that we were told only in mid-March that our lease would be terminated and we had to be out by the 15th of June. To find, secure, fund, and then make the move mid-term, closing our school for only 3 weeks, while we packed up literally tons of equipment, de-rigged, moved, set up, roof engineering reports, and then re-rigged our new space - a huge endeavor. Thank you to our growing community of wonderful students, parents, trainers, and helpers!

New equipment

We've installed brand new aerial equipment including; 6 silks and 3 hammocks, a new rope, a spinning rope with hand loop, plus the trapezes and Lyra's - We still have more rigging to do and looking at a pulley system in the near future.

Class schedule Adjustments

This last week we have been adjusting programs and the class schedule so that it runs smoothly with our groups and classes not clashing with each other.

With a smaller space we do need to be mindful of class numbers and will need to cap classes at respective sizes. But we will be opening more classes throughout the week and Saturdays. Term 3 schedule will be posted and classes open soon!

Parent, foyer area.

We'd love to make this as comfortable for waiting parents and students - If you have any suggestions, or old furniture (couches, etc) and would like to donate, please let us know. Thank you Matt (Kitty's Dad, for the lovely couch - which is extremely popular).


The financial cost of the move has been huge, with no help or support from the W.A. Department of the Arts, Sport and Rec, or any viable local Fremantle Counsel support. Facing a difficult challenge to cease or take the risk and push ahead.

For me personally seeing the school grow over these past years, through covid, and the day-to-day survival of keeping a non-funded arts organisation afloat in a difficult marketplace, is extremely demanding. But, the outcome of watching our young students develop and shine in our programs both, physically more capable, and emotionally more confident, resilient, and happy, as well as our young teens, some now 5 or 6 years with us, taking on the role of youth trainers with a passion and caring attitude towards their younger charges.

This, and watching these older students growth in breathtaking high-level circus skills and performance development, we have grown our own exciting troupe of very talented young performers, who are growing as young artists. I could not hesitate to continue.


For the school to continue and meet the increased Lease costs on top of our previous rent I am putting it out there for help, expertise, and guidance. We face a lot of challenges both financially and logistically/staff wise, I would like to see if we have enough interest in forming a parent group or resource to help guide the school to make it most valuable community resource for its members and families.


Due to the increased lease coasts, we will need to adjust our fees in the near future. We have always tried to keep them reasonable and happy to make any payment plans if needed.

Due to the financial outlay, we are not able to afford any admin staff atm. If you can please be patient, if there are any admin whizz's out there? Who may be able to volunteer or just help out at key times after school etc? Please Let me know.

Thank you for your continued support.

Christopher Mayhew

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