New Class - Acro Foundations

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Acro Foundations is a new class suitable for both students wanting to go further in their acrobatic journey and fitness and also for serious students wanting a career path into performing Arts, Circus, Dance, Physical Theatre or other training institutions, NICA, École Nationale de Cirque Montreal, and others.

What: 1.5 hours of physical development in acrobatic arts Including:

When: Thursdays 7pm to 830 pm - Tuesday's tba

Where: The Circus Centre - 146 Carrington Street, O'Connor.

The synopsis of Acro Foundations - by Chris Mayhew.

By crafting a acrobatic practise with elements from a range of acrobatic disciplines from gymnastics, sports acro, circus, movement, dance, acro yoga, partner acro, trampoline sports and crossfit we are hoping to raise the acrobatic level and standard across the entire Western Australian and Australian acro communities.

- Why tumbling/movement practise in partner acro? - if you can tumble you can fall safe and land stronger, so you won't break, Your total body agility and spacial awareness will improve, helping everything from your balance, power to mobility.

- can you perform a back roll to handstand with straight arms/Fwr roll tuck/straddle up? - this directly relates to more advanced partner acro skills such as "cannon ball to handstand, hand to hand "inlocates", or dynamic corbetts/cascards etc.

- Very seldom will you see a advanced flyer with out a good level of tumbling and acro development. If you're a beginner - this training will put you miles ahead.

- A professional dancer does their daily floor bar, ballet bar then centre work before moving on to dazzling leaps and combinations. So too, acrobats need to work through a structure training discipline to maximise training efficiency.

Outline of program 90 mins

10 - 15mins

- Tumbling and movement, handstands, roll into tuck/straddle up, cartwheels, springs flips, somersaults and sequences and landings. designed to organically improve agility, mobility, dynamic power, balance for all acrobats.

10 - 15mins

- Flyer specific conditioning - specific handstand work, the tuck-up, Handstand- pressing, prep for one arms, flexibility, aerial awareness - tramp skills.

- Base specific condition - strength/balance drills, power, sandbag/kettlebell/lifts specific acro drills for basing.

30 min

- Partner work - spotting, L-basing, standing basing, adagio lifts, Hand to Hand, dynamic, tempo and balance.

30 min

- Group work - 3 highs, stacks, group basket/banquine, "Toss the Girl" - leading to acrobatic training in skills and development such as Russian Bar and Teeterboard and group casting and more.

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Fees - Term Three is 10 weeks duration -19th of July to 3rd of September 2021. - pro rata - Join anytime!

Prices are GST inclusive

Youth 60 mins $22/$220/Term                    Adult 60 mins $25/$250 term

Youth 90 mins $27.50/$275/Term         Adult 90 mins $30.25/$302.5 Term 

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