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Chat with Acrobatic Artists - Harley Timmermans, Isaac Lawry and Thomas Gorham.

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Here's a quick chat with some of the Headfirst Acrobat crew who were in Perth performing Railed and PreHysterical at the Fringe. I managed to see preHysterical and got the thumbs up from the 4-year-old sitting near me as well as the squalls of laughter and audience Kids interacting with the cast throughout the entire show. Lots of skillful acrobatics, including a "Mr. Lu style" no hand headstand, on a swinging trapeze, all woven into an entertaining story with a few cough "adult references" to keep us chuckling throughout. One highlight I enjoyed was the fastpaced hula-hoop (Chelsea Angell) and Chinese Hoop diving ( Harley) combination act. Great work guys.

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