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September News - School Holidays Enrollments Open

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our School Holiday Circus Program is now open for booking!

The Circus Centre and The Freo Flyers Trampoline Club

are running our fun Circus and Trampoline combined holiday program!

For more information on the program CLICK HERE.

Are you excited for Term 4?

Congratulations to all of our students this term and especially the ones that have gone through our assessment last week, Its great to see all of our students getting stronger.

Well done all!

Its so amazing to see your outstanding improvement.

If you are curious check our instagram to see our students in action!

Enrolments for Term 4 will open the 20th of September!

If you are currently enrolled for term 3, you will be rolling over in term 4.

As our classes are growing & we ask to please let us know and drop your enrolment if you don’t wish to continue this coming term. This is necessary so we can open the spots for other interested students.

We cannot wait to see your smiling faces again next term!

Remeber you can always book in later in the term if we have spots available. You can also book casual classes at the following link.

If unsure send us an email and our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions, or amend your term fees if needed.


Our Wonderful Student Mary Rose in the picture.

Check out our Lyra (Aerial Hoop) Adult classes held every:

Tuesday 7.00 - 8.00 pm

What is Lyra Hoop?

Its one of the most striking and romantic of all aerial apparatuses thanks to its perfectly circular design.

The lyra allows a vast range of excercise from below, within, and above the bar. From conditioning excercises to flips, the lyra provides a perfect circle through which to move the body, find new beautiful shapes, and challenge your potential while spinning.

Find out more about our classes thought by amazing Chioko Takeada by Clicking the link below.


Classes will be running during the upcoming public holidays

Open on Monday 26 September.


As a reminder, if your child is sick or unwell, please keep them home and let us know on the day so we can offer you a makeup class.

We are expanding our proshop

Did you know that we have in stock quality jugling/manipulation gear and circus equipment?

We are still working behind the scenes and building our online pro-shop so if you are after someting specific please enquire we might actually have stock even if it does not appear online.


For the young! Children's programs - CircusFun 5 years to 7 years & 8 years to 12 years - now with level certificates and development outcomes (learning from our progressive CircusFun Curriculum of age-appropriate circus skills - including acrobatics, balancing, tumbling, trampolining, trapeze, aerial silk, spinning Lyra, hula hoops, juggling, and much more). And our newest Jungle Circus program for active 4 years to 6-year-olds with a need to burn that afterschool energy in our unique creative circus jungle including - ( all the above but in an active nonstop circus circuit for max fun!). Plus Circus Birthday Parties & Holiday programs. Youth & Teen - Circus Arts development and performance programs.

For the young at heart! Adults - Aerial, silk, trapeze, Lyra, acro, pilates, yoga, fitness day/evening classes.

Why Circus?

Circus is one of the most extraordinarily well-rounded developmental activities children and adults can do. Fitness, strength, balance, hand to eye, cross midline, gross and fine motor and coordination skills are jam-packed in each class through progressive learning - and yet so FUN! That's why we say! It's not Magic, It's Circus!


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