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Intro to circus (2).jpg
Intro to circus.jpg

(4-6 YRS)

Intro to circus (10).jpg
Intro to circus (9).jpg


(5-12 YRS)

Child hula hooping in circus youth class

Circus is an amazing, challenging, and fun way to develop fitness, strength, flexibility, power, balance, motor skills, hand-eye as well as increase confidence, overcome challenges and ignite your creativity by using your body and imagination together.


We can take you from an absolute beginner and introduce you step-by-step into the world of Circus Arts.


 Term 2  Term begins on Monday, the 26th of April, 2022, and ends on Saturday, 2nd of July, 2022. See pricing below.


Both enrolment and payment are required before you attend class. This includes casual classes and trials.

For more information find Class Timetable on the header tab.

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