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Scroll down to the classes list below to enroll in your classes of choice for Term 3.

We have lots of options for all age-groups and skill levels. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our classes.



Sibling discount: if you are a parent enrolling more than one child in term classes, the second and third children are eligible for a 10% discount on the class price. The first child pays full price.

Multiple class discount: if you are enrolling yourself in more than one class, you can get 20% off any subsequent classes this term. The first class is full price. 

All discounts are for TERM enrollments only, not for one-off classes.

How do I receive my discount? If you are eligible, please contact us at or @thecircuscentre Instagram. We will provide you with a coupon code that you can enter at checkout.


Yes, we do offer casual classes! If you would like to trial one of our classes with a casual class, please contact us on @thecircuscentre Instagram (best contact) or


Classes must be paid for prior to class. Please contact the office if there is any difficulty.

ALL PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE GST. Please be aware that 10% GST will be added to the class price listed when you are at checkout.

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