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Chat with Acrobatic Artists - Spenser Inwood - A Good Catch Circus.

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Spenser Inwood is a very accomplished Circus Artist, Performer, Director and Acrobat in the award-winning show "Casting Off" by A - Good Catch Circus. Recently showing at the Perth Fringe Festival where Spenser dropped into the Circus Centre to do some training.

Note: It's been 22 years since I last saw Spencer as she was back then 8 years old and one of the very talented young students at The Flying fruit fly Circus School - Where I had the privilege to be one of her daily acrobatic basic trainers in 1997/8 under the Head Training/Circus School director Mr Guang Rong Lu (Mr Lu).

Company: "A Good Catch Circus"

Artists: Spencer Inwood, Sharon Gruenert and Debra Batton (feet)

photo credit: Ian Sutherland.

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