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Thinking of Circus Classes for your Daughter or Son? Here's what happens in our Term classes at

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

In our 90 minute Circus Aerial Skill based classes young teens ages 11 years to 17 years develop strong athletic physicality in both (acrobatics) - handstand balance, contortion, tumbling and acro partner work as well as (Aerial work) - Aerial Silks, Rope, Lyra and Trapeze with a end result of combining these skills with artistry and musicality into very creative routines and performances. Our end of Term shows gives students an oppertunity to perform and showcases their talents to parents and friends and some of them continue further into our youth development Initiative which offers a high level of training and performance opportunities.

In our 90 minute Circus Fundamentals Class Children aged 8 years to 14 years we incorporate the 4 fundamentals of Circus skills which are Acrobatics, Aerial, Manipulation (juggling, flower sticks, hula hoops etc) and Balance into fun and challenging skill based progression leading to a greater level of physical skill, fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and agility together with developing their own creativity and performance ability,

For Children aged 5 years to 7 years our Circus Fun Super Star Classes are tailor made for lots of engagement, active imaginations and developing bodies starting with games, tumbling, climbing swinging, handstands, cartwheels, acrobatics even trapeze and Aerials all aimed at building the strength, skills and the physical development in a non competitive fun program.

Our philosophy is, we want Children and our students to love coming to Circus! For the most part The feedback from parents is that their Children "can't wait till the next class!". If for some reason it doesn't suit your Child we offer a full refund for any unused term classes and if your Child is sick and can't attend, please let us know so we can arrange make up classes for the ones missed. Hope to see you soon!

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phone: 0413 029 789

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