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We now have reduced fee trial classes, casual 1 x, 3 x and 5 x passes availible via our customer portal
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The Circus Centre - New student offers

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Are Aerials/Acro/Handstands dangerous?


It is not dangerous at The Circus Centre as we teach using progressions and at students own pace. 

Low student to instructor ratio 


Trained instructors. At The Circus Centre, Our Instructors are chosen for their passion and commitment.  Many of our instructors are performing or have had international performing careers and are passionate about spreading the joy that is circus, aerials, handstands 

& acro

Are Aerials/Acro/Handstands



It is a challenge. At the Circus Centre, we have trained fit athletes, dancers, and gymnasts as well as students who have not done any significant exercise for a while, even a self-confessed couch potato.


  Students from have gone on to be professional performers or have just enjoyed their regular jobs with a great six-pack and enviable shoulders for when they are in their bathers.

We like to think of our Circus/Acro/Aerial Training as "pilates on steroids"


Do you need to be flexible and fit?


You do not need any previous flexibility or fitness when you start. It will all come with training. .


Are aerial silks/Handstands/Acro a good workout and fitness?


Circus training is an amazing workout.  We've been doing all that "movement" and "bodyweight training" far longer than the current CrossFit or movement Industry

Running aerial/acro routines is the same impact as interval training on weight loss plus it works out the upper body and core for a great looking body.


Plus it is just so darn fun!

The Circus Centre has classes that range from beginners to professional level. Circus Centre students and trainers have performed at the Fringe Festival and other shows.

 We offer Industry leading workshops and specialist training for our students and Instructors. Recent workshops with Artists from the Le Aerial Fringe Show, The Moscow Circus,  Cirque Du Soleil.

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