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146 Carrington Street, O'Connor, WA 6163

Launching our 50% offer first month Handstand, tumbling, and acrobalance classes - and more Aerial! Plus International workshops!

November 11, 2019

We've been really busy updating our Adult programs and are launching our new Handstand and Flex class, Tumbling and acro/yoga/partner acro classes with a 50% off the first month. 

                                           New Ground Acro Classes


Handstand and flex:              630 pm to 8pm Monday's and Thursdays

Tumbling:                                630 pm to 730 pm Tuesday

Acro yoga                                730pm to 830pm Tuesday ( over 35 years)

Acro-balance                          630pm to 730 pm Wednesday - then stay for the acro Jam! 


Acro Jam                                  8 pm to 1030 pm Wednesday - Just $5bucks folks!                      

                                                  - we encourage new Jammers to attend the acro-balance class!


                                           New Aerial Classes!


Monday - beginner/Intermediate 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm - with Pheobe

Tuesday - beginners only  7 pm to 8 pm - with Chibi

                - Intro course 8 pm to 9 pm - with Chibi

Wednesday - beginner/Intermediate 7pm to 8 pm - with Ben

                      - advanced 8pm to 9pm - with Ben


                                         International Workshop!                                 

Miguel Sant'ana Handbalancing workshop 14th December 1pm to 4pm don't miss!



                                                  Class details

Handstand and Flex

Beginner to advanced - are you struggling to find the strength and balance to achieve your handstand? In this class you will be taken through the latest in techniques


Acro Yoga

A new class of connection, exploration and conscious movement through the amazing world of the Acroyoga.

Sam, an experienced acro teacher, will guide you through a gentle path of 'acrobatic' figures developed in partners. 


You don't need to have any pre-requisites, any pre-knowledge, any fit body. 

This is a class for adults, moms and dads who simply have to come with a curious attitude of exploration and willingness to connect, play, move and have fun with other people. 

What's more beautiful than a restorative and light-hearted class after your daily job? 

The class has a cost of $20 per person. If you come with your partner, it's $30 the couple.

Every Tuesday from 73pm to 8.30pm



Tumbling is a fundamental gymnastic training which will help you develop agility, mobility, balance, strength, power - an ultimate body movement training. Understanding the correct techniques and biomechanics will assist you what ever your goal is? to learn a flip or just fitness?



Working with others performing fun and challenging acro balances can be a great social and fun way to workout and learn amazing skills with a friend or friends. You will learn spotting techniques and series of progressions  so that right from the start to help you stay safe when you practice at acro jams. 








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